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Giant High Efficiency Glass Lined Water Heater

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Green Foam Insulation

A thick uniform blanket of eco-friendly insulation keeps the water hotter for longer periods, reduces stand-by losses and energy costs. Contains no HCFC’S, CFC’S nor VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Glass-Lined Inner Tank

A uniquely formulated blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon is fused to specially treated steel to provide the best coating available against corrosion for many years.

Canadian Made

Canadian made means high quality. We proudly support Giant, a Canadian company based out of Montreal with over 70 years’ worth of experience in the Water Heater industry.

Get a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty with our Rent to Own program.

Navien High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

Navien Tankless Water Heater
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Ultra Condensing Efficiency

Money and energy savings over tank type water heaters and traditional water heaters.

Two Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Provides longer life expectancy as they are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion compared to copper heat exchangers as well as reduction in minerals deposits.

Less Water Pressure Drop

Simple modular for water path minimizes water pressure drop and modular design for water path that makes maintenance easier and service can be performed easily in the field.

Get a 10 year bumper to bumper warranty with our Rent to Own program.

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